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Leading home efficiency diagnostics experts

Specializing in building forensics to diagnose moisture, indoor air quality & energy issues in existing buildings.
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"Skye and Danny from Building Performance Specialists came in and solved an ongoing moisture issue which no one else could figure out. They are the best!!!"
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New Construction Consulting

We work with architects & builders to ensure that problems are avoided in new construction, and to certify structures for building performance programs.
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New Construction »

For new construction we provide services for construction consulting, HVAC design, quality control, and certifications for all the green building and building performance programs on the market.  Although we love the challenge and the process of diagnosing complex problems in existing buildings, we are much happier to help with optimizing the design and  ensuring things are installed and configured correctly at the beginning!



Existing Homes »

For existing home owners, we are often seen as the holistic doctor for your house.  We get called in to identify and resolve issues with mold, moisture, comfort, energy efficiency, even strange smells!  We are often contacted after several things have been tried by other contractors.  We use building science, based on data and physics, and are known for being able to correctly diagnose and resolve building performance problems the first time, with no guessing.  When corrective action is taken based on our evaluation, you can go on with your life without the same problems returning in the future, or or new problems surfacing as the result of unintended consequences.  We also help many home owners without specific problems by performing energy audits to determine which are the most cost-effective steps to take to make your house more healthy, comfortable, sustainable, and efficient - the core of green building.