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Existing Homes

For existing home owners, we are often seen as the holistic doctor for your house.  We get called in to identify and resolve issues with mold, moisture, comfort, energy efficiency, and even strange smells!  We are often contacted after several failed attempts to fix problems have been made by other contractors.  We use building science, based on data and physics, and are known for being able to correctly diagnose and resolve building performance problems the first time, with no guessing.  When we finish, you can go on with your life no longer having to worry about the problem you've been living with. 

We also help many home owners without specific problems by performing energy audits to determine which are the most cost effective steps to take to make your house more healthy, comfortable, sustainable, and efficient - the core of green building, and installing these upgrades, including sealed crawlspaces and solar water heating. 

Please see our list of services below and contact us to learn how we can help you with your project.


Mold & Moisture Diagnostics


Energy Audits


Air Sealing & Insulation


Solar Water Heating


Closed Crawlspaces