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New Construction Services

We have been working with builders, architects, and residential designers to help create healthier, more comfortable, more efficient, and more sustainable  homes since 2003.  From multi-family projects, to multi-million dollar beach front homes, over the years we have developed systems to help all involved parties to achieve your goals with the smoothest process possible. 

We offer design consulting, HVAC load calculations, duct design, and high performance HVAC design services as part of our new construction services package. We provide code compliance services, HERS ratings, and certify projects for the Duke Energy Progress HERO, Energy Star New Homes, NGBS Green, and PHIUS Passive House Programs.

For builders and trade partners, we are always working to optimize a process that results in the fewest complications, schedule delays, and cost overruns as possible.  Completing high performance or green building projects can be challenging even to seasoned professionals.  We strive for our projects to be smoother experiences for all, with higher quality results, through organized planning, complete specifications, and clear communication.

We also offer smart home services from affordable web-enabled relative humidity and temperature sensors, to full-scale smart home/home automation systems to monitor and control flood sensors, security systems, smoke alarms, thermostats, cameras, door locks, and more.

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