For existing home owners, we are often seen as the holistic doctor for your house.  We get called in to identify and resolve issues with mold, moisture, comfort, energy efficiency, and even strange smells!  We are often contacted after several failed attempts to fix problems have been made by other contractors.  We use building science, based on data and physics, and are known for being able to correctly diagnose and resolve building performance problems the first time, with no guessing.  When we finish, you can go on with your life no longer having to worry about the problem you've been living with. 

We also help many home owners without specific problems by performing energy audits to determine which are the most cost effective steps to take to make your house more healthy, comfortable, sustainable, and efficient - the core of green building, and installing these upgrades, including sealed crawlspaces and solar water heating. 

Please see our list of services below and contact us to learn how we can help you with your project.

Our Advanced Diagnostic Inspection includes a full inspection of the house, from the  crawlspace to the attic, with digital pictures, thermal imaging, duct, envelope, and other performance testing. We provide a 30+ page report covering all aspects of health, comfort, moisture management, and... Read More
A home energy audit is the first step on the path toward a more comfortable, affordable, healthier home. Using a variety of high-tech, state-of-the-art tools, we are able to identify the key areas where your home is wasting energy, and recommend the most cost-effective improvements for maximum... Read More
Home performance contracting includes looking at everything from lighting to insulation, from the air handler in your crawlspace to the air sealing in your attic, to solve everything from moisture problems to energy waste and beyond. A relatively new field grown out of an increased awareness of... Read More
Solar Water Heating is an excellent, low cost solution for offsetting energy usage in the home. A typical system provides 85% – 90% of the hot water needs, which is important considering that it’s not unusual for water heating to be responsible for 25% of a home’s energy usage.   The sun supplies... Read More
A properly constructed crawlspace should be clean, free of moisture, and free of potential allergens and contaminants that will rise into the house with the air from the crawlspace.  That probably doesn't sound like a description of the crawlspace currently under your house!Unfortunately until... Read More

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  • Ron Capel

    Our home on Bald Head Island never cooled properly. We tried bigger AC units without success. So we brought in Building Performance Specialists to help. BPS tested our home and came up with a great solution. Our house gets to the temperature we want now!

  • Barry Bankard
    Many thanks to Skye, Danny and crew! You guys are the best! Other attempts to correct my heating/cooling problems failed. It was not until BPS took control that I got much needed results.
  • Matt Collogan

    53% RH in crawl space, outdoor is 94%!!! Thanks Skye and Danny and Team! The house is actually starting to smell and feel better. I hope to send you along some referrals. Happy Monday,

  • Pat & Ken Rittenmeyer

    I would like to commend Building Performance Specialists for a job well done. We recommend them strongly to anyone with a moisture intrusion problem or those just wanting to improve the livability of their home environment. BPS tested our house and identified the problems.

  • J. Russel

    Building Performance Specialists recently completed a crawlspace job at my house and I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs their services. They were professional, efficient and timely in completing their work to solve my moisture problem.

  • Jim & Ellie Bierman

    Skye and his team used their extensive knowledge of products in the design phase of our project, and his state of the art technologies during the construction phase, to create an energy efficient and comfortable beach house.

  • Steve Swain, Coastal Cypress Building Company

    Building Performance Specialists is a key partner in the construction of our energy efficient well designed homes. Skye Dunning's guidance enables us to deliver Homes to our clients that perform well, saves them money, and provides a comfortable living environment.

  • Mary Jo Cameron

    Skye and Danny from Building Performance Specialists came in and solved an ongoing moisture issue which no one else could figure out. They are the best!!!

  • Beverly Foscolo

    Once again I would like to thank you for the excellent job you and your staff did for me.  As you know, I previously had a problem with a neighbor’s smoking habits interfering with my air quality in my townhouse.

  • Beverly Foscolo

    Once again I would like to thank you for the excellent job you and your staff did for me.  As you know, I previously had a problem with a neighbor’s smoking habits interfering with my air quality in my townhouse.