Receive rebates of up to $9,000 for energy efficient new construction residential building.

We are participating contractors in the Duke Energy Progress HERO residential new construction program.  This program offers $1,000 to $9,000 in rebates to builders and developers who build energy efficient new construction residential projects in what they call the "Legacy Progress Territory".  That is, areas previously served by Progress Energy.

This is the best new construction program for builders that we have ever seen!  It is available for single family houses and multi-family units.  The incentives are per-unit so there is serious money here for builders, especially multi-family and production builders, interested in building and marketing energy efficient new construction.

A couple of nice things about this program is that it offers prescriptive and performance paths, and doesn't contain some of the extra items in other programs like Energy Star, that are not directly related to the homes energy efficiency.  This means that you can build a high performance home the way YOU want.  If it meets the performance goals, you get the credit.  If you currently build above code houses, you may already be elligible for incentives that you are not receiving.

Duke Progress also offers a heating and cooling bill guarantee.  Combine the cash incentives with the bill guarantee and our help with credits to the appraised value of your home and you have, as stated above, a program for builders that has the best value we have ever seen.

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