Our Advanced Diagnostic Inspection includes a full inspection of the house, from the 

crawlspace to the attic, with digital pictures, thermal imaging, duct, envelope, and other performance testing. We provide a 30+ page report covering all aspects of health, comfort, moisture management, and efficiency issues. This report includes digital and infrared images from the inspection, our findings, recorded measurements, a recommended work scope with remedial items listed in order of importance, and a reference section. 


If desired, this report also comes with computer energy modeling. Modeling your house in our software enables us to break down energy costs by component (ceilings, windows, ducts, etc.), compare your homes efficiency to current-day energy codes, project energy savings resulting from upgrades, and compare different upgrade options.


A one hour consultation is included with this service.


An example of this report can be found here.


A basic option is also available which includes the full inspection, but with less testing, less documentation, and a short bullet-list report. The consultation for this inspection happens during the initial visit.


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